The beauty of an uncommon compliment

'I think you're rocking the bold look, too!'

One of my favorite things is to receive an uncommon compliment.

We all have people compliment us on things we have heard before. Maybe you have a nice sense of style or a nice figure. Those compliments are frequent and common. However, when someone really looks at us and perceives something different, it makes us very happy.

'I think you're rocking the bold look, too!'
‘I think you’re rocking the bold look, too!’

When I speak with others I try to give compliments that they haven’t heard before. So for example, if it is a beautiful woman I never tell her she is beautiful. I will compliment something sincerely that may not have been noticed before. Like her kindness or patience with others.

What we often hear we discount and don’t value. I think we all get a little bored with people who say the same thing to us. For example, I often get one kind of compliment which I thank, but I find boring. It’s sweet they complimented me, but how many times can you hear something before anyone would get tired of it?

One of the most beautiful things in life is to feel appreciated. So when you get appreciated for something that no one has noticed before you really are surprised and excited. Excited that the many good qualities you have are seen and appreciated, and also that the person is intelligent and sincere enough to say something.

I think deep down we are all pretty vain. We all want to hear daily how wonderful we are. We may not hear compliments enough and so feel bad about ourselves. Each day I compliment others. I don’t see it as a duty but as a benefit. What a pleasure it can be for someone to value who they are.

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I get called sweet often because I do this. I think this is a natural thing to show someone that you value them. You can say something intellectual, but often saying something emotional like a compliment is better.