faster speed than GreenGeeks and “A” rating


As you can see below, the speed is incredibly fast and it even fixed the two site health errors that I had.

Now Migrating to was a great experience from their side. However, dealing with Network Solutions my domain registrar was a PITA. I am not going to go over that here however because I am transferring to another registrar. Avoid Network Solutions like the plague. Avoid GreenGeeks.

The process wasn’t perfect however and it might be due to problems with my setup. After I transferred I had two WordPress Site Health errors that I had never seen before. I contacted support and they fixed one of them and said the other was probably a fluke and to let them know if it didn’t go away. It went away today when I logged in so I was pleased to see that.

The speed you see above isn’t even the fastest that they are capable of. I haven’t had a chance to work with GTMetrix and experiment with the WP Rocket suggestions that they make. I did have to disable the preloading in GTMetrix which they said was a known incompatibility/issue. Which is no big deal.

Having a CDN as part of the $30 package is just a fantastic value. I love the additional information it shows. I also like that they had an easy setup of 2FA which I am using of course and works great. I use 2FA for all my web services. Oh yeah, now I have Redis which is just fantastic and speed the site up even more.

Interestingly as I am writing this I got an error saying ShortPixel has a problem communicating. I will figure that out once I finish. Like everything in life, it is often two steps forward and one step back. Which is fine. I wanted to learn things and I am learning them.

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