Missed opportunities in your spam folder

"Ever felt as though you're in Life's spam folder?"

I don’t understand why people ignore their spam folders. Working in IT it often is such a simple thing I see people forget to do.

"Ever felt as though you're in Life's spam folder?"
“Ever felt as though you’re in Life’s spam folder?”

The other day I had a recruiter contact me two weeks after I contacted her because she said my response to her was in her spam folder. I had already accepted a new position so that was a lost opportunity for both of us.

I keep my spam folder empty just like the rest of my inbox. Part of being a professional to me is that you are responsive, and I am proud that I am so reachable and easy to get ahold of. I don’t understand why people just ignore their spam folders.

People are busy and can assume that all spam is junk. Clearly, that is not the case. There are many times that valid messages may get identified as spam. Email is not an exact science. It has gotten better and we all get far less spam than we used to, but it takes time to perfect something.

It is also understood to be a generational thing. Younger people don’t like email and I don’t blame them. Email is often used as just a commercial target so it makes sense to avoid it. It isn’t very private and people like to have some kind of privacy even if it’s limited. Yet, as long as people use email it is something that we have to deal with.

I like things like Microsoft Teams/Office 365 which allow people to see your status and send you a quick message. Gmail also does this well in its quick communication software built into Gmail. I suspect that one day Zoom will be built into the OS and it will not require a download to get working. With as many customers as they have now, the days of things like Webex I think are limited.

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