LinkedIn spammers are increasing

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The spammers here on LinkedIn are increasing. Last week I was contacted by four obviously fake profiles.

The first person said in her message that she would like to talk to me more privately on Whatapp to get to know me better. The other three were just as evident with almost nothing on their profile. No photo, no details, no connection from me.

I have contacted LinkedIn security often to let them know that I was contacted by a spammer. Every time they said that person didn’t fit the profile even when I shared details like them wanting to talk to me on other well-known trash social apps like Telegram and others. Even when I shared with them flirtatious language. Even when I said that there were no details on their user profile. LinkedIn has never cared to ban any user who is obviously a spammer.

I understand that their marketing can claim a ridiculous number of users, but if the experience is one you don’t trust then you miss the point. I stopped using other social media because of the garbage that was on those platforms. Oh, sure I tried them and wasted my time doing so. Now it is just a matter of time before I am contacted or groups form to share drugs or offer adult services.

I pay for LinkedIn Premium because I don’t want to waste my time with people who have nothing better to do. I can individually report/block users but this is swatting at flies. You never fix the problem when you ask the end user to take care of the problem. The minimum for using LinkedIn should be a profile that has enough information that you can reasonably trust or not. Dating sites require a minimum level of profile before it is shown. Why can’t LinkedIn do this basic thing?

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We also need to verify who people are. We need either a phone/third-party way to know that people are real. I can’t tell you the number of spammy people I get every day and I’m sure you do as well. As of now, LinkedIn is losing its usefulness to me, and it might be that no social network is worth joining.