Gen Z likes Jazz

Jazz Cartoon

Not a surprise. People want to have their own identity and many jazz albums are underrated. You can read more in this Axios article on why Gen Z likes Jazz.

It is hilarious to read this for me. A few days ago I listened to a jazz album I hadn’t listened to in decades. I said one of the lyrics and wanted to share it. The album is Stanley Turrine’s Pieces of Dreams which I listened to on a record when I was younger. Now I am listening to it while writing this. I didn’t have any jazz exposure when growing up, but I was thrilled when I heard this album.

Jazz Cartoon
jazz cartoon

Many 80’s albums had great jazzy sax solos and it was a part of popular culture. When Love Boat revamped its theme music for the last season it was jazz-inspired. I preferred the melodramatic original version but it was an interesting interpretation. I once had lunch in a jazz club in Chicago and enjoyed that. It’s nice to have a chance to explore different things in life. Aren’t you curious about all of the variety in life?

Another fun jazz album is Herbie Hancock’s Perfect Machine. My favorite song is Maiden Voyage / P.Bop.

Part of this jazz revival is the old everything old is new again. People discover music that has been ignored and they value and admire it. With the growing minority population, I think we will continue to see pop/sync decrease and more varied types of music become popular. That can only enrich our lives. One of the artists who first introduced me to other kinds of musical styles is Peter Gabriel and he has some really interesting explorations of different musical styles. I admire his musical creativity and work.

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I said before that getting stuck in the past is a mistake. I think we can appreciate great works from the past without becoming part of that past way of thinking and feeling. It is incredible what a gift music isn’t it?