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Often people want the advantages without consequences

Cell Phone Freedom

People often want the advantages of something, without the consequences of it.

One of the things that I used to do in the past was go to people’s homes to help them with the technology they had at home. This is called white glove service in IT. What made this interesting is that often you would have conversations like this.

“I’d like to have all of my laptops wirelessly connect, but I don’t like the radiation of wireless. Can you make it so there is no radiation from wireless?”

Cell Phone Freedom
cell phone freedom

When I explain that wireless signal isn’t harmful radiation or radiation at all as they understand it, they don’t want to hear that. I offer to help them connect via a wired connection but they “don’t like wires.”

Now technically you can use light and wifi over light to connect someone. However, this is very uncommon and almost no one practically does it. I would not suggest something like that for home use.

They decided that they wanted wireless after all, and asked that it be turned down as low as possible to protect them from radiation. I did that and further attempts to discuss radiation were not wanted.

It’s okay to want to protect yourself from radiation, but some things are much more radioactive than wifi. This is a fairly balanced article that has good information from Consumer reports on this subject.

I use the iPhone only on speaker and at a distance to me. I keep it away from me as much as possible and try to limit being around EMP devices. This was on the suggestion of my doctor who believes that ionizing radiation can be harmful.

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Stay safe out there!