Free website analysis with Ahrefs webmaster tools account

ahref webmaster tools screenshot

I just signed up and used the free Ahrefs webmaster tools account. It is free and shows the value of the tools that they offer.

No, I am not getting any benefit from sharing this, I just thought the tool was useful to me and may help you. I signed up in the morning and all day I have been working on its list of recommended suggestions. I have learned many great things about SEO today and even used two new plugins because of it. The first is one that I shared earlier Auto Image Attributes From Filename With Bulk Updater. The second is another great plugin called Open Graph by Will Norris.

ahref webmaster tools screenshot
ahref webmaster tools screenshot

The reason I used both of these tools today was to fix two of the problems that the Ahrefs said my site had. The first was missing Alt Text which is now fixed. The second was no Open Graph information which is now fixed as well. The open Graph plugin was fantastic. Once it was activated I didn’t need to configure anything. I went to a website to test that the Open Graph API was working correctly and it showed it was now working correctly. It literally couldn’t be easier unless it installed itself.

Now certain SEO plugins that I don’t like have Open Graph functionality built in. I don’t like those those plugins and I shared earlier why I don’t like them. Open graph besides helping you in social media, also helps your SEO in Google and Bing search engines. It provides a way for data to be displayed most pleasingly. You can read more here.

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I just used SEMrush last week and the tool I felt was a bit confusing. I found this Ahref interface to be easier to understand. I also could export the information to an Excel file, which I used to submit broken webpages to the Broken URL tool I spoke about before. Either vendor would help give you a better idea of how your website is structured and what you might do to make things better for reliability, SEO, and so on.

SEO is quite a deep topic.