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Give people a freebie

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One neat thing you can do in life is to give people a freebie for what you do. No this doesn’t mean you are working for free, it is a demonstration of what you can do.

Many times in life when I have done something without thinking of how it will benefit me, it turns out to benefit me in the long run. It is really remarkable how little you can truly give and it does not help you.

Let’s take an example of this. Mr. Beast has made a fortune by giving money and helping causes. Yes, he makes lots of money but clearly giving is working for him and others. Other people in society have given away vast sums of money in history and become famous for it.

We don’t have those resources, but we do have the ability to give and help on a smaller level. We can share what we know so that others can benefit from our experience. That is why I write this. We can help others to understand how we think so that they can see if it might be helpful if they have similar ideas.

For example, my friends tell me that they sometimes use the same language that I use. They use words like “helpful” instead of “good”. Unhelpful instead of bad. Then what makes me smile is that those people they know start using their language as well. I learned that language from my doctor and it makes sense to me. Rather than have a moral implication helpful and unhelpful seems more useful to use to describe things.

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Do you know those movies like Scrooged that talk about what the impact of a person is on others? I would want my impact to be that others’ lives were better for my existence. Frankly, I don’t care if I get a benefit from doing something that seems helpful to me. If it happens great, but that isn’t the goal. The goal is that because you care about people you help them. If I end up in the middle place because my actions weren’t helpful, I did it with the best of intentions.