Give yourself time to chill and process

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I recently learned that I haven’t been giving myself enough time to chill and process. I am changing that now.

I wrote before about taking a social media break. I think we have gone too far with social media. It isn’t healthy to consume it as much as we do. I used to be a reddit addict but with their recent issues I am boycotting reddit. They are undeleting things now that people deleted when they closed their account and that is a privacy violation in Europe. I think this is the beginning of the end for them.

More importantly I love to learn information but when I consume it too quickly I get a headache and feel kind of confused and drunk almost. I feel out of it and I have to stop and consider what I have learned. We all have limits and we need to respect those limits if we want to be healthy and useful in the world.

I am going to attempt to take a break every 15 minutes of learning. I think this is a good place to start. I get plenty of sleep at night so that is not an issue. If your learning starts to give you headaches, which mine sometimes does, its time to take a break.

This is not a humblebrag. I share with you what I learn so that you can learn from my mistakes. We all have our limitations and we need to be aware of them and work with them. One of the things in life is often we are pushed to work beyond our ability, and then often bored and not even use our abilities. Life is about finding a happy medium between these extremes.

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It is easy to get bored when you understand most things in a job, but its up to you to find ways that you can learn and grow in any position. Ultimately your happiness depends on keeping your brain and body working in a way that helps you and everyone else. Being bored only hurts you and others.