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Take a social media break

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Take a social media break. It is driving everyone crazy.

Yes, I know this is hypocritical since I am talking about it on social media. However, I am following my own advice and doing social media less on my vacation. I feel fantastic.

By avoiding social media over the holidays you avoid having to compare your life to others. We all know this isn’t helpful but still, we do it. We don’t need to do this, and we can choose not to do it.

I always thought growing up how stupid the “Keeping up with the Jones” mentality was. With social media, we have only increased this unhelpful habit. No one faced the unique challenges that I had growing up. Likewise, I didn’t face the unique challenges others had growing up. It makes no sense to compare and compete, and it doesn’t help anyone but those who want to maintain the status quo.

We have become so confused by working all the time that we think life is about accomplishing things. It isn’t. If we can accomplish things that’s cool. However often not accomplishing things is a better goal. We accomplished consuming things and used the earth’s resources. We build structures we don’t use anymore like malls. The Slackers may have been right all along. Chilling out and just being might be the most socially useful thing we can do for the world.

I am part of one social media network which is LinkedIn and I am strongly considering not doing this anymore. I am tired of the BS that I read constantly in my feed. It is exhausting to not respond to the daily stupidity that is on display. I think to myself, I won’t react to that because it isn’t going to help anyone. People get famous for baiting and telling others what they want to hear, not what they need to hear.

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Take a break and get some perspective on life.