Fantastic WordPress plugin to fix Alt Text and more

image attributes banner

I found and used a fantastic WordPress plugin called “Auto Image Attributes From Filename With Bulk Updater”. Yes, it’s a terrible name, but it works incredibly well.

image attributes banner
image attributes banner

I needed to add alt text to images that I had already renamed and googling this led to many solutions using SEO plugins I’d rather avoid. I kept searching and found this and it worked better than I could have expected. Having Alt Text improves your SEO.

With the default settings, I did a bulk update and it perfectly added alt text to all 656 images that I currently have. Nothing was broken, and no images were a problem after running it. I found it searching through plugins using the WordPress default Plugin search.

What is even nicer is that this company offers a paid version so that you can rename your files even better to get found in Google image searches. I used to get some of the images I had here found in Google image search and the traffic was always welcome. I will be buying that next.

Pretty great tool and it made a long and time-consuming job into just a matter of waiting a minute. I love it.

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