Alen Air Purifier vs Winix D360 – how to stay safe with poor quality air

winix d360

The combination of poor air quality and heat can kill you. I didn’t know this before.

For this reason, I bought a friend a HEPA air purifier. It is called Winix D360 and it was around $100. Very affordable. I am with my friend today hanging out and it is working just as well as the Alen air purifier I love.

I am not selling this and I get no benefit from sharing this. I just wanted to share something that might help you if you couldn’t afford the more expensive Alen air purifier. Why did I choose the D360? For several reasons.

First, it uses the same kind of HEPA surgical-grade filter that Alen uses H13. This means that you are getting the majority of the benefits at a very cheap price. The Alen is about $800 for their top-of-the-line and this does about half the air volume for $100. A good value.

Second, the filter is replaceable and is supposed to be replaced at 3-month intervals. Some reviewers said that it is still working well for them after 2 years. This probably depends on how dirty your environment is. They sell a replacement filter for about $66 in comparison to the Alen filter replacement cost of $99 for one year. Again depending on how dirty your environment is, your cost may vary.

Third, as you can see above the design is very similar to Alen. The top is similar as well. The size is smaller about the size of a standard office grey rectangle garbage can. My friend lives in a studio and it fits in with her white decor. Alen allows you to choose the design colors for the front. I choose graphite which is fun since the white would be a little harsh for my decor. This might be a reason to choose one over the other if it matters to you.

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Fourth, just like the Alen Air purifier it has a smartphone app called Winix smart. It doesn’t seem to support this model if that is important to you. Alen’s air purifier did support their app.

Fifth, it automatically adjusts to the air conditions. You can just set it and forget it. Just like the Alen purifier.

Sixth, it is a Korean company with manufacturing in Korea, China, and Thailand. Alen purifier is designed in the US and made in China. So no difference there.

Comparing things is always helpful to see what is the most useful option.