Air Purifier is working great

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I have been using the air purifier I earlier spoke about and it has been working great.

What surprised me when I first turned it on is that the inside air was dirtier than the outside air. I often open my windows but hadn’t opened them since the poor air quality last week. Because of that the air quality was worse inside than outside. However after 15 minutes the air quality has become better and has stayed better.

I like that the app shows the inside air pollution and the outside air pollution in your zip code so you can directly compare them. I like that the number is almost 0 most of the time and very low. I set it on the auto mode and it tends to be on the 4 pm2.5 value compared last weeks 300 or more pm2.5 values of poor air quality.

It is quiet and the noise masks some of the random apartment noise and outside noise. I like it. I also like the intuitive color feedback in the app/unit. It is the same as the air quality index colors so it is easy to see just how clean/dirty the air is at a glance without the phone.

Is there a downside? Well I’m not thrilled at the almost $100 yearly cost for filters. However given that this is the same kind of air you would get in a hospital it isn’t unreasonable. I like that you just throw it away instead of trying to wash or clean it. It would be impractical and difficult given how large the filter is. I guess you could say that I overbought the unit but I wanted to be protected in the case of poor air quality again. The step down doesn’t have the same coverage and so that would struggle with the in between space that I live in.

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Is the smaller and cheaper unit good if you have an space that is smaller than 800sq? Yes. It could probably even clean my apartment but I don’t want it to struggle to do so. I think that this was really made more for houses or condos. The reviewers say that they have spaces larger than 1300sq ft and it works well in those spaces as well. They are probably being conservative with the sizing which is good.

The differences I have noticed is that I blow my nose less and my ears are cleaner. I also find it easier to breath but not in a dramatic way. Third party studies show that you will fall asleep faster and feel more rested and that seems to be true. I did fall asleep faster and I feel more rested.

This has been a better purchase that I expected it to be. I expected to have it and not really make any difference. This has already made an improvement in the quality of my life. I like it also because if there is pollution I have a fighting chance to be healthy.