Air quality who’s measurement should you believe?

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When you look at your weather data on your smartphone or see a report of Air Quality on the news, the measurements and recommendations might be different. What’s going on?

It turns out that there are many competing services and tools to measure air quality. They have a wide range of what they measure, and they apply lots of math to their measurements. This means that there is some disagreement over the value of certain measurements, and even measurements that seem consistent could be misleading.

Stations for example that report to the site can measure up to 5 things but don’t necessarily all measure those 5 things. That means that you may not be able to directly compare values to their neighbors or even with other air quality measuring services.

Lots of distinctions and subtleties in air quality. Apparently, there are military-grade and commercial quality air quality systems. They can report similar values but military things are supposedly built to a higher standard. Why am I saying this? As a person who finds it hard to breathe at times, I deeply care about the air quality.

I shared before that I have loved using my Alen Air purifier. It has a sensor that detects internal air quality in the home and I love seeing the low values that it provides. It is interesting how it is affected by things like cooking, having two windows AC on, and other pollution that can happen. I feel good when I see it gives me feedback that the air is clean and I am doing something to protect my health and well-being.

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Naturally, I want to understand what is being measured which is why I read about air quality measurement. The first link that I provided has what I think is the best summary I read on this topic. It is a little detailed but gives you a good perspective of different ideas about air quality.

Having a pet affected my ability to easily breath in the past. I had two golden retrievers which shed all the time and I was continuously cleaning so that I can breathe well. If I had this product back then I could have cleaned less. It would have been a nice experience. Anyone who has a pet needs an indoor air filter and I can’t believe the difference a HEPA filter makes. Since having this I have less dust and since I am allergic to dust it improves the quality of life.

There are a few things that immediately can improve the quality of your life. A comfortable bed, healthy food, and an Alen Air purifier.