Why I ignore a LinkedIn request

ignore request

I have been getting lots of LinkedIn spam requests lately. I don’t know why people think they can ask to connect when they offer no upside and lots of downside. Let me outline some ways in which I will ignore you.

  • ignore requestYour profile has no details. How do I know you aren’t a spammer? How do I know you are even real? You can’t expect someone to want to get to know you if you don’t offer anything about yourself.
  • Your profile is one-dimensional. If you have details on your profile, it is obviously only geared toward one thing-selling. Or whatever topic you are trying to promote. So many people think that you can put a hot woman in a photo and expect guys to allow her in your network. Not even.
  • You rely on a hot photo and then launch into a sales pitch. This is not the place for that. You have to demonstrate your value in the work you do, or the things you have done, not in what you might do if we paid you.
  • You offer no photos or the photos you do offer don’t show you clearly. Who am I connecting with again? Very spammy, and we have to put at least a name with a face on here. There is a great deal of trust on here, and that doesn’t help your case any.
  • You want to connect after decades of not being in our life. Sorry, people who are sincere about wanting to value you always want to stay connected with you. They don’t suddenly decide you are valuable and then get into a relationship with you.
  • You want to connect after you have done us wrong. Sorry, I may forgive you, but I don’t forget. I’m not giving you a second chance to abuse me.
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LinkedIn is not a mediator for interpersonal drama, nor a tool to scam others. It is to share knowledge, and maybe something helpful will happen.