Both men and women are suffering with gender disparities

Gender Disparties Screensnot

Both men and women suffer from gender disparities. Men do 80% of suicide’s compared to woman’s 20%. This has been true since 1950 when Men’s suicides have been higher than women’s.

The chart above shows how women had 13 pts—a difference from men in 1972 when laws were passed to give them more opportunities. Now the situation has changed and women have a higher rate of college attendance than men and have for decades. If the law was passed to protect women then, what laws are being passed to protect men now?

Gender disparities hurt all of us. Men fall behind women in high school where they are the lower 2/3 of grades, and women are the upper 2/3 of grades. When blocks are taken from women, they excel compared to men. I don’t know if that means that women are better than men. I think it means that society is now failing men, in ways that it used to fail women.

A just society cares about all its members, not those who have historically been discriminated against. I think that one of the reasons that men fall behind in grades is that men tend to suffer from more inherited genetic issues than women, due to less protection on our shorter chromosomes. Men may be stronger than women, but it doesn’t matter when so many other aspects are required in society in which men are completely unable to compete with the average woman’s super linguistic, emotional, and social support.

I’m glad that the law was passed in 1972. I am glad that women had the opportunity to get degrees and do what helps society. I wonder though if we have thrown out the baby with the bathwater. Have we gone too far in helping one group of people that puts the pain in another group of people like men? Now many would say that since men have had the upper hand in history this is fair and should continue. Fine, if you continue with that, then the gap will be even wider in the future. You have probably seen the statistic that says by 2030 45% of women will be single and childless.  If those women want men, we need to help these men now.

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Feminism believes in equality, and that means that men and women have the opportunity to contribute to society. No one probably expected men to fall behind, but isn’t it time we help the men in our lives?