The 7 phrases people are afraid to say on Linkedin

linkedin endorsing
  • I’m Pro-Union.
  • I left my last job because the place was toxic.
  • My employer wrongly fired me.
  • I hate being unemployed but I have to seem positive.
  • The emperor has no clothes.
  • I’m tired of reading the same BS articles.
  • I’m wrong and I’ve screwed up my life.

LinkedIn is this distorted bubble where people think that they are saying profound things that have already been said better before. They like to use one-sentence paragraphs because their simple minds can’t handle complex thoughts.

They see life as either this or that. They suffer from the idea that things are simple and if only people could be convinced to see things their way then things will be better. However if they don’t see things their way then let’s brainwash the children, mandate morality and judge everyone we come into contact with.

I have rarely found useful content on LinkedIn. No surprise but useful content doesn’t do well. People don’t want to learn, they want to continue to push their own agenda. People only interact with others because of their own self-interests. Very few have a sincere desire to help.

I’ll give you an example. Many times authors say “contact me” in their writing for further help. I have contacted them and asked for the help they offered nicely and no one has responded to me. When you do things just for show, you are as empty as your words.

A real community cares about the well-being of everyone. Just liking a post is not enough. It is the minimum of helping others. What helps others is to give concrete specific advice when asked, and to give everyone a chance for their intentions to become clear. Even if they waste your time.

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Nothing in life is simple besides kindness. Beyond that, everything is shades of grey.