Why do talented people always fear job loss?

Job Discrimination Comic

I have met so many talented people who always fear job loss. I wonder why.

My only guess is that because they tend to be perfectionists they see any flaw and magnify it. Everyone messed up, and just because you mess up doesn’t mean that a company gets rid of you.

Job Discrimination Comic
job discrimination comic

I talked to many people about this. From what I can tell it has to do with self-esteem. People sometimes feel that they don’t deserve their success, even when they have done everything to earn it. They have worked hard, they have studied, they have sacrificed their happiness or whatever they feel they need to sacrifice for it. Yet they feel that those rewards don’t belong to them.

Part of this I think is that people feel that they are imposters. Because they realize what they don’t know, they feel embarrassed about it. The most intelligent people I worked with were humble enough and aware enough to know what they didn’t know. If people say that they don’t know enough about something, it’s probably that they are being humble and not that they are stupid especially when they have done this work before successfully.

Job insecurity is a fear that many people have. You aren’t alone in this. The most you can do is just to realize that if you do get cut, you are talented and can get a new job. Fears are always worse than reality.

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