Why are so many affiliate companies scammers?

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I had an affiliate company approve me today for a company I had never heard of. I thought that since it came up on the list of companies in my category (computers/IT) I could try it out and maybe learn something. What a waste of time!

Why am I telling you this? Just like I suspected before rotten companies have and love affiliate programs. Now some very good companies have affiliate programs too, but you have to do your research to find out who has a good reputation.

I was doing my research today on that company I had never heard of. According to Trustpilot, it has a terrible reputation. I have generally agreed with Trustpilot ratings, and while not endorsing TrustPilot they seem to agree with the reality that I have experienced. I have followed Trustpilot’s guidance on other issues and so far it has been correct. I hope that it continues to be a helpful guide in the future.

It had all the signs of a scammy company. The first sign is that it accepted me as an affiliate! I don’t have any credibility in the affiliate space and if someone is uncritically accepting of new people, they probably have too low of standards. Who said that they don’t want to belong to a club that would have them as a member? Twain?

The second sign it was scammy is that it was HQ in China. I have had terrible service from Chinese companies. They believe in the first Ferengi rule of acquisition. “Once you have their money, you never give it back.”

Anyway, it is always interesting to peek behind the curtain of an industry. Rarely are things as they appear to be from the outside.

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