Extra rest is my superpower

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Everyone likes to claim they have a superpower. Extra rest is my superpower.

Why am I bringing this up? I feel sick and I went to bed early last night. You have to take care of yourself and sadly I see that most people don’t take care of themselves. They overwork themselves for a company that doesn’t notice or know all that they do.

I used to do this as well. When I left jobs for better ones, I found out from coworkers who were friendly to me that they had to hire two or more people to do the job. That’s always a good feeling, and then also concerning as well. It shows that I overachieved, and did more than was expected or required. Have you ever had a coworker tell you that you do too much? I have and it’s not a great feeling. You want to do your share, but when you do more than you share you get burned out and sick and that doesn’t help anyone.

What I have learned is that you have to pace yourself and work with the speed of the organization you work with. I was already ready to do more and felt frustrated that output was so low from people. What I have learned is that different people have different energy levels and not everyone is energic as I am. This is not to brag, but simply to recognize that we all are different and the amount of energy people bring to the job differs.

One unfortunate side effect of working harder than your coworkers is to cause a drop in team cooperation and spirit. They resent you for being the star and the person that people go to for help. When I worked at companies where I have been the preferred IT person my coworkers didn’t like it. They used to be the star and resent not being the focus of attention.

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Working is about teamwork not about individual performance. Make sure that your performance matches the team no matter what.