US citizens and immigrants both need each other

immigration mos def image

US citizens and immigrants both need each other. This is so obvious to me.

immigration mos def image
immigration mos def image

The US like most other countries in the world is having declining birth rates. We also have record numbers of people who are leaving their jobs which has turned into a great opportunity for those who are still working. Many people are choosing not to have children and this trend has been dramatic in the most highly educated countries like Japan.

Due to the lack of workers, US citizens need people to work for them in so many capacities. Not only in health care but in food production and really in every industry. The Pandemic made US citizens rethink their work priorities and the market for labor is changing. No one is sure what will happen, but it is clear that higher wages are coming next year due to the prolonged shortage of workers.

Now immigrants need jobs due to their own economic lack of opportunity at home. It is unfortunate that many countries’ leaders make poor decisions on how to provide for their workers. We see that China is losing its superpower status and companies are fleeing the country. Not just China but many countries have made poor decisions which result in their populations not having economic opportunities. This gives the opportunity to hard-working and intelligent other countries like India who have stepped up to the challenge of this highly technical environment.

I have had the pleasure of working with Indian workers and people whose families came from India. I have had the pleasure of meeting many immigrants in my life, and I have to say that 100% worked harder and more intelligently than any US citizen I ever met. If a US citizen like me loses my job I might have to find another. For a minority of someone with an H1B Visa, it might mean that they lose their chance for citizenship and have to return to a hellish environment. That is stress!

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In life, we have opportunities to help others and help ourselves. Helping immigrants has always been a win/win for me. I feel I have gotten more from the friendships I have had with minorities and immigrants than they have gotten from me. Our past was immigration, and our future is immigration.