Another Affiliate benefit lots of spam emails

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One of the other affiliate benefits is that you get lots of spam emails. I just got one.

It lists all of the new companies that have joined their platform. I only recognize one name. There is no way to unsubscribe. What a scummy way to do business. If we wanted to see new companies we could log in and look.

I don’t like one-way conversations. Remember how I said that I tried 6 times to send them an email but it had an error on their web form? The only way they would let you contact them. I doubt this is an accident.

Today I will look to see if there are better affiliate networks I can join. I did some investigation already and lots of scams out there. One affiliate website was selling a course for several thousand dollars on how to get rich online. Boy if that doesn’t show red flags. Another affiliate site said you had to have a minimum of a certain number of views which I don’t have. So it’s a process. If the only affiliate things I can do are shady, then I will wait until I am bigger to do this.

It is interesting. Just having views doesn’t make conversions more likely to lead to sales. You can have an apathetic audience and one that isn’t inclined to value what you offer. Plenty of popular media and personalities had a big audience but couldn’t generate sales from them. This post talks about popularity vs influence and why you may want one or the other.

Popularity as a goal is dumb. People move on and if you buy your audience you may have people watch you, but they aren’t invested in you. I want my audience to be invested in me because I am invested in them. I want to give them the tools to achieve their goals whatever they are. If you aren’t helping people you are hurting them, and so far this affiliate company is hurting me and others.

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