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Who abuses the LinkedIn InMail the most?

Liars Linkedin Comic

I have it narrowed down to 3 types of people for me.

  1. Pig butchers. People who try to use romance/friendship/greed to get you to invest in cryptocurrency and then steal everything from you.
  2. Certification sellers. People who want to sell you a certification (illegal) to prove to businesses that you are capable of doing what they want.
  3. Personal coaches/financial people who want you to buy their services.
Liars Linkedin Comic
liars linkedin comic

These are more than 90% of the email that I receive. I get hourly or more requests from these people. When LinkedIn says they are trying to reduce spam they aren’t doing enough.

The rest are these.

  1. Recruiters that have no idea what you do and suggest things that you don’t have on your resume.
  2. Recruiters who lowball you with numbers and admit they have a hard time finding people interested in the position.
  3. Recruiters who ask illegal questions like one this week that asked what year I graduated High School and the name of the High School. That is the least important thing about me.
  4. Recruiters who tell you that jobs that are listed as remote have changed to hybrid.
  5. Recruiters that promise to update you and you never hear from them again.
  6. Rarely, like once a year a recruiter who is sincere and follows through on what they say.

Now if you were someone who was looking for a better job would you want to give time to InMail and recruiters?

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