Selfish people suck

Selfish Book Comic

Has anyone heard of the lady who wouldn’t eat at the Cheesecake Factory on her first date? She felt it was beneath her. Or of the woman who ate 48 oysters when the man only agreed to go out for drinks to get to know her?

No this is not a woman-bashing post. Plenty of men have done this as well. It is only to point out that when we look at each other to only get benefits for ourselves, what a sad life we live.

Selfish Book Comic
selfish book comic

I had similar experiences when I was dating. One woman agreed to meet me for drinks at a restaurant and then ordered appetizers and then left when the food was gone. I felt used. Another woman streamed our date on the phone without my knowledge at first, and then when I asked her about it called me a loser. I left that person immediately and paid the bill. Another woman was racist and I asked for the bill and left.

All of these women thought that they could be disrespectful and get away with it. I was so surprised that someone who initially seemed like a nice person would act in this way. I was grateful that I found out quickly and wondered why they even bothered going on a date.

Listen people don’t be fooled. People may have adult things, a job, and material possessions, but that doesn’t mean they are mature. Lots of people have issues, and we have to sort out the helpful and not-helpful people in our lives.

It is a mistake to give disrespectful people a second chance. They will just disrespect you again.

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