Why don’t women believe in sisterhood?

Sisterhood Comic

Sisterhood is women who support other women and don’t make men more important than other women. I have never met a woman who believes in this.

These are the reasons that based on my experience I think that women don’t trust other women. I of course as a man am probably wrong about everything, and this article will just come off as mansplaining. I frankly am very surprised that women don’t band together against men.

Reasons why women don’t believe in Sisterhood

  1. Internalized Patriarchy. When men have been in charge and you have been punished by men for having values other than men have, I can understand why you would identify with a male point of view. One of the things that surprised me most about white women (53%) who voted for a certain person was that person’s disrespect for women. It can only be that women have internalized that disrespect for themselves.
  2. Sisterhood Comic
    sisterhood comic

    Imbalance of males/women. Men are more likely to die at every stage of their lives compared to women, so that leaves many women on the short end of the stick. Even if men are available, they will die sooner so they are more likely to be alone. I think this makes women feel desperate and that is why you see men who are worthless with amazing women. I have had women tell me that all men suck, but since you need them to survive what choice do women have.

  3. Financial and cultural issues. In some cultures, women are subjugated so they can’t fight the system very well since they don’t have the tools and power. I think eventually women will universally have the same rights as men, and I despise any man who thinks they are better than women.
  4. Internalized sense of fault. Every woman that I have known thinks that the reason she had a difficult life is that there is something wrong with her. Most men who are criminals or abusers say that society is wrong and that they are misunderstood. Men for the most part place blame on others, and women always think the fault is themselves. So when it comes to dealing with the world, they assume that other women are hostile and have evil intentions.
  5. Others are competition and that is a societal expectation. With beauty contests and the pretty woman getting unearned advantages, women naturally feel pressured to be as good-looking as they can. Handsome men do get advantages as well, but that is not the focus of this post. They get older women hitting on them more apparently. Women are trained like many men, to see others as a threat to their well-being, so they can’t support the enemy.

We all can find reasons to reject others, but having an open heart means that we understand and deal with our fears. If women can get past these issues and make peace with them, then we men don’t stand a chance. I can’t blame women for hating men. Ultimately we are all individuals and we need to start treating others like that, instead of a generalized threat.

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