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Most delicious way to get protein

Misfits Variety Pack Photo

I love the Misfits variety pack. This is the pack that I said got lost in the mail.

Misfits Variety Pack Photo
misfits variety pack photo

Well, it arrived and it was two boxes of them! That was a nice touch. I would have been happy with just one since that is what I originally ordered. I have been munching them down and all of the flavors are excellent except for the smores/dark chocolate which while acceptable are not as good as the others.

Why am I sharing this with you? I love fantastic flavors and to me, this is by far the best protein bar I have ever eaten. I think it is the most delicious way to eat protein that I have found, and I have tried lots of products.

Is there a downside to these bars? At 15 grams of protein the recommendations state that for a man, it should be 50 grams of protein per day. It is a way to jump-start the protein you may need each day. I would not eat two of these bars per day but continue to look at other sources. So the downside is that while they help for a healthy diet, they don’t fill the need for other food sources for protein.

I ordered these directly from the manufacturer. Now that I know what flavors I like I might get a box of my favorites and then have one per day to supplement what I eat. In addition, since they taste so great, they are also a very satisfying dessert/something sweet. I feel so fortunate to have found something so delicious.

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