Companies don’t want you to return unwanted items

Mistakes Funny Comic

I ordered a new kind of snack last week because I tried one from a store and loved it. I was so excited to get it. Imagine my surprise when I opened up the package and it had a straight razor and two replacement boxes.

Of course, I contacted the company straight away and even though they were in London they had a timely response. When I awoke in the morning their apology was there asking for pictures of the package and invoice. I couldn’t send those things in the form that was provided to report the problem. I sent them the pictures, and they apologized again and said a replacement box was sent. When I asked how they wanted me to return the items, that email wasn’t responded to. Ok then. Update: They responded to my question and said to keep the item.

Mistakes Funny Comic
mistakes funny comic

I will give the new shaver to a friend but I just wanted to share that often I have been sent the wrong items and the shipper never wants them back. Who takes the loss? In the box, it looked like the packaging label was for someone else so now they have to ship two orders to make up for a mistake?

In the last few weeks, I shared that I got a wrong order with Imperfect foods. I was able to give some food to friends so it wasn’t wasted, but their suggestion was to give it to neighbors/friends. I wonder how often shipping orders go wrong generally.

When I used to shop with Amazon I would get wrong orders as well. I would call them and they would say to keep it. Generally, almost every retailer has told me to keep the item and thanked me for calling and letting them know. They also sent out a replacement item. Usually, they ask for a very fair photo, and I am happy to show that an honest mistake was made.

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Would this error make me less likely to order from the vendor again? Not at all. Now if it happens a second time I will change my mind. Everyone gets a moment of grace.