I respect and admire the younger generation

generation comic

I am GenX and the younger generation that I have worked with I have grown to respect and admire.

It is thrilling how they are changing what business norms used to be. I love the fact that they are sensitive to people’s feelings, and are willing to stand up for themselves. Most of them have been technologically savvy and when I have to help them with a computer problem, it really is a computer problem and not a user error.

All generations have pros/cons but I feel this generation is uniquely scapegoated. The media seems to love to blame them for everything, even though they didn’t set the wheels into motion that caused the situation.

I am frankly concerned for their future. We have not done a great job of helping the world be a healthy place. In fact, most of us above 40 have contributed to its destruction. It is very little that I have a solar panel and try to conserve electricity and resources. I wish that I was a billionaire and could do more to help the world.

It is for all of us to choose wisely and support companies that make good choices for the earth and for our own well-being. We can no longer accept the status quo. Options like WFH have given us new tools to reduce our harm to the environment and improve the quality of our own lives.

I love that as people are retiring new ideas and ways of solving problems are being accepted. It has frustrated me all of my life with the short-term thinking I have seen. What a waste of life and resources we have done pursuing profit. Nothing is wrong with making a living, but if you have to exploit humans and the earth to do so, that doesn’t qualify as a sustainable business.

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Keep up the good work!