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Imperfect foods delivers the wrong food

imperfect foods box

Imperfect Foods delivered the wrong food to me yesterday. I am both happy/unhappy.

I am unhappy that I didn’t get the food I ordered. I was looking forward to those things. However, I am happy because they refunded the charge, and said I could keep the order that I received.

imperfect foods
imperfect foods

The reason they said I could keep the order was because I didn’t realize there was a problem until I had opened the box and was putting it away in the fridge. I was thinking that I didn’t recognize some of these groceries but perhaps I just forgot. Then I ran into items I never would have bought, and when I looked at the name on the side of the box it wasn’t mine.

Customer service was friendly and was able to look up my order number from the phone number I was calling from. That was set in the account preferences when I set up the account. Looking at the address of the order it was close to where I lived, but on a different street. A simple human mistake. They apologized but I said it was no big deal. I can always make an emergency order with Target and have it delivered in two hours, so I wasn’t worried at all about it.

Now I had to deal with the groceries I didn’t want. The customer service suggested giving them to neighbors which I am going to do and friends. I would estimate the order was probably $100 and had some high-value items. My friends/neighbors will appreciate this, and they will learn about this company from this mistake. So perhaps inadvertent advertising for them?

I have only been a customer for a few months and I asked Customer Service if this happens often. She had it rarely happens which is the answer that I expected. If she said it often happened, then I would probably order less from them because I do like choosing what I eat.

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I might be able to eat a small amount of food like the potatoes that were in the order but for me, this experience was mostly a waste. Customer service said that if the box had been unopened, she could ask the driver to come back to pick it up. Next time I will check the name before I bring it to the apartment.