Microsoft Copilot produced something creative

ai funny comic

I will copy and paste and let you judge for yourself. The prompt I used was: write a rap battle between Apple and microsoft

Alright, here is a rap battle between Apple and Microsoft that I wrote for you. I hope you enjoy it.

ai funny comic
ai funny comic
Yo yo yo, I’m the king of the tech industry I make the products that everyone wants to see I got the iPhone, the iPad, the Mac and the Watch You got the Windows, the Surface, the Xbox and whatnot

You think you can compete with me? You must be insane You’re just a copycat who tries to steal my fame You’re always behind me, always playing catch up You’re always crashing, always messing things up

You’re a giant corporation with no innovation You’re a monopoly with no regulation You’re a virus that infects every computer You’re a dinosaur that’s headed for extinction


Oh please, you’re so full of yourself You think you’re so cool, but you’re really just a shelf A shelf for your products that are overpriced and overhyped A shelf for your fans that are brainwashed and blind

You’re not the king of anything, you’re just a cult leader You’re not a visionary, you’re just a greedy cheater You’re not a genius, you’re just a lucky bastard You’re not a legend, you’re just a fading star

You’re a closed system with no compatibility You’re a walled garden with no diversity You’re a bubble that’s about to burst You’re a fruit that’s about to rot

This time it at least gave me an answer. You can see in the first paragraph that it uses the yo yo yo, that it used the last time I asked for a rap battle. I guess that is the programmer’s idea of what rap is. It also relies on tropes/stereotypes which are played out.

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I don’t think that Mase has sleepless nights yet.