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I got my first shipment from It went well.

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imperfect foods box

I am not sponsored or benefited in any way. First here is the box that they shipped in. As you can see it is a strong box that looked almost perfect on delivery. I have had other food delivery services have significantly damaged boxes, leaking, and all kinds of other issues. Inside it was divided into compartments and all of the cold items were in one space with two very big ice blocks in plastic. It was very cold and I wasn’t concerned about any bacteria at all.

Since this was my first time I didn’t know what to expect. I got about $60 worth of food with no shipping charges. Isn’t that amazing? I made a soup with the radishes which was great, and the cucumber could not have been more fragrant and perfect. I don’t like cucumber but it is useful in skin treatment and it worked great. I also enjoyed trying out the new snack items that I had never seen in any other store before. I like trying new items so a store that has different things is very appealing to me.

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imperfect foods photo

Is there a downside? Not to me there isn’t. I found a new vegan food that I loved called Jack & Annies that tastes just like regular breaded nuggets but healthy. I didn’t like all of the snacks, but my friend did and nothing was wasted. The bars in the front that say Chewy are delicious and really a wonderful treat. I got more items this week and I can’t wait until they arrive this Thursday. The delivery depends on which zip code you are in so that is made clear when you sign up.

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This is the most environmentally affordable food delivery service I have found. I am so glad to be a customer.