Forget other online shopping – Imperfect Foods is the best

imperfect foods

I have tried other online shopping but today I realize that Imperfect Foods is the best.

No, I am not getting any benefits from sharing this. I just put in my first order and it exceeded my expectations. How? I am a picky eater and allergic to dairy and meat. I found lots of items that I could eat, and the prices were just fantastic.

imperfect foods
imperfect foods

What is even better is that this reduces food waste and is more environmentally sustainable for the planet. It is delivered to your home which is awesome, and doesn’t support other monopolies that I had supported in the past. They have organic items that I have never seen before. I love to try new foods, and it was a win on all fronts.

The website was fantastic. By default, it filled up your cart with things that you might like based on your answers to their questionnaire. It lets you choose if you want to see items again, or even be asked. Very respectful. It tells you if something is out of stock. Unlike other stores that say it’s in stock you only find out when your shopping is telling you it is out of stock. I loved every aspect of it so much that I wanted to share it here with everyone else.

What is the downside? The only one is the obvious. You may not be able to find a particular item you may want to buy. I am flexible on what I buy so I am not stuck on buying a certain item or brand. If you are a brand shopper, you may not like it. However, they do have high-quality brands and the cheapest prices I have ever seen. It really is worth trying even if you are a brand shopper. You could save significant money.

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Give it a try and you will probably love it. I can’t wait for them to arrive on Thursday.