Save the earth by buying a laptop?

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Yes, if that laptop saves power.

I was given an Intel MBP which I love but is an electricity hog. It was the best computer at the time and I have really enjoyed it. However the M1 laptop is so much more efficient in terms of electrical use, I have seriously considered giving this computer back and buying an M1 to help do my part to combat global warming.

The reason I don’t do that is that the person who gave me this laptop doesn’t need this computer. So it would be going to waste. This is a similar problem that I talked about in the past here. Should I change the CFL bulbs in my apartment to LED’s? After some listing of the pros/cons I did that and it was the right choice.

What is best for the environment is not always best for the individual economic situation. Even though I use as much electricity as I create with my solar panels, I want to do everything I can to help reduce the impact my life has on others negative experiences. It is difficult to be environmental when the choices you must make are often deeply inconvenient.

It is clear that using a more energy efficient laptop would be better for an IT person. However that doesn’t get rid of the existence of this laptop. I have read that EV cars need to be driven for more than 5 years to get past the environmental impact of building them. Now people are keeping their cars 13 years on average which is the age of my car as well. It is working and even though it sometimes have expensive repairs, it is still far cheaper than making a car payment.

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I am not making a payment on a laptop. Since I work in IT having the newest computer is a helpful thing. However the current laptop is working great for me and has been my favorite so far. It is really hard to let go of something that is so new, and for what? To reduce the carbon used might be used in creating a new laptop that I might want to upgrade anyway. It is hard for people who are thrilled with technology like some IT people to not want to upgrade.

I am not upgrading and I will keep this computer until it has a serious problem. I just have to cut back in other area to offset the carbon use that this has. Since I have gotten the solar panel I have choose more energy efficient appliances and try to schedule my life around not impacting the world in a negative way. Yes of course corporations are responsible for the majority of the pollution and climate change, and we need to hold them accountable. It doesn’t stop us from doing out part.