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Solar (PV) energy is amazing

Solar (PV) energy is amazing.

What other energy source is so readily and easily obtained to benefit someone? I can’t think of anything. Every other energy source requires money, skill and resources to use. To me, solar energy is a wonderful gift that has helped so many people.

I first learned about how easy it was from watching CheapRVliving channel on Youtube. Bob talked about it constantly, and it seemed that it was enabling many financially insecure people a healthier lifestyle. I have watched so many videos of people who have financial difficulties, who demonstrate how solar power enables them to survive. It charges their smartphone, lights, coffee, small cooler so that they can survive. It really is a great gift to people struggling.

However you don’t have to be struggling to take advantage of solar. Almost everyone can afford it. Those who can’t afford it, can find organizations that will gift them solar lights and devices to help them survive. When electricity is so fundamental to how we live, having the ability to create electricity is another step of independence everyone can do.

Working in IT I have used far more than my fair share of electricity. I don’t feel good about it since I realize that coal/nuclear powered the electricity I received from the power company. However now I can produce my own electricity and what a great feeling that is. What is even greater is that my future is more secure. Even if I lose my job and am homeless, I can still survive with my solar generator and solar panel. It is not a security blanket, but another tool I can use to survive.

Many people today are out of work, being evicted and struggling to survive. Maybe the greatest thing we can do for them is to let them know we are willing to help them and give them something like solar power that can help them. For $300 you can buy a small solar panel/solar generator and allow people to always have energy for lights and smartphones. I think the best gifts are those that help people be independent. Education, tools that can help someone improve their ability to produce in life.

I feel so lucky to be in the position I am in. Solar power is now another tool that is going to help my future and those around me.

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