When you give something away it goes fast

Giving A Choice
Giving A Choice
giving a choice

I have noticed in life when you give something away it goes fast.

Today I had that experience again. Since I love my new headphones, I don’t need my old ones. They are too good just to throw away, however. They still look brand new and I thought how can I give these to someone who wants them? Then it came to me. I can post it on the webpage for the other apartment people I live with. I did that and in 15 minutes someone emailed me about them and picking them up tonight at 5. I am thrilled.

I don’t complain when someone gives me something for free. The more selfish people I see, the more I want to give to others. For example, I have been watching Tribunal Justice, and the people they have there are so petty and selfish. I literally can’t believe why people would make the choices they do to be on that show. However it happens and people make poor choices, and you can see it so obviously in the way they make decisions. Sadly, people lack the willingness to consider something from another person’s point of view. They treat people in a way they would never want to be treated and then justify themselves.

As a kid, I realized that some people were like Judge Judy has said givers and some were takers. I wanted to be a giver. I wanted to give because it didn’t hurt me to share what I had. It made me feel good when I could share with someone else. I guess this is the legacy I leave. Whenever I could in life I gave. I don’t suggest that strategy to you, but for me, it has helped me to grow and move past pointless material accumulation. This is not to praise me; giving isn’t a burden or sacrifice. For example, could I have used my old headphones? Maybe, but I didn’t want to. I wanted someone else to have the pleasure that I had in using them.

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Knowing that your life had a positive effect on others. What could be a better legacy than that?