What immigrants do to survive

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What do immigrants do to survive? They risk their life. Let me share a story that is true with you.

I had a friend once who was asian and he worked at a job that needed him to stay late. He stayed late, but because he lived in a bad neighborhood there was crime during the day and especially at night. He went home that night and faced a very real possibility of getting attacked. He did not get attacked but his area has had attacks before.

Being his friend I was concerned about him and asked him why he did this. He said that he valued the job more than this life, because with that job he could possibility be on the road to citizenship. I told him that no job is worth your life, and that he needed to communicate with his boss about the neighborhood he lives in and the risk to going home late. I also said that I would help him or pay for a cab in those situations if his boss didn’t. As a friend I don’t want my friends to be hurt if I can help it.

The way my life has gone I have seen and been friends with immigrants and undocumented people in the past. I have seen that they will do anything legal to remain in the US. Their home countries did not give them the economic and life opportunities that are here. They worked harder than anyone I have ever seen to prove their worth, and they deserved all of the success that they have received.

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In my own small way being their friend has meant the world to me. It has helped me to better appreciate the opportunities in the US even when there are so many social issues. It has made me feel so grateful for my limited success and situation. More importantly it helps me to give back to others, which is so rewarding just doing that.

If you know someone who is not a US citizen, just know they are working incredibly hard to become one. Ask them if there is anything you can do to help them.