Stories from my past: If I kissed him

classroom mental health photo
classroom mental health photo

Sometimes what people share with you when you listen is very surprising. What is even more shocking is what other people say to others and think it is ok. The woman who I was talking to did not have normal intelligence and was in special education in school and often people would take advantage of her.

“Did you know what Tom the quarterback said to me once?”, Suzie asked.

“No what did he say?” I asked.

“He said that if I kissed him and let him do whatever he wanted to me that he would be my friend.”, Suzie stated.

“Is that the kind of friend you want?” I asked. “Did you want to do those things with him?”

“Sure I want friends,” she said.

We talked more and found out that this wasn’t the first guy who had suggested she trade favors for benefits. The men who mentioned those things to her were the object of many women’s admiration. I wonder what they would have thought of him if they knew he took advantage of her.

What she shared bothered me because it was rape. I told her special education teacher what she told me and that I believed she was telling the truth. The teacher thanked me and said she would take care of the issue. I never learned what happened but I hope things turned out ok.

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