We need to appreciate men more

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I wrote yesterday we need to appreciate women more. We need to appreciate men more as well.

Why? Men just like women are misunderstood and if we listen to people we can treat others better and with more kindness.

Most men don’t get compliments as women do. When I have gotten a compliment I treasure it. It Is rare for men to get compliments. Men also rarely get gifts. Men are expected to give gifts to women in dating, but almost never have I been given a gift. I remember once my date treated me and I had problems at first understanding this because it had never happened before. Another example is that that I have only gotten flowers once in my life from a woman. I have given flowers to most women I was a bf with and started getting to know. I am not complaining here, just pointing out the imbalances between the genders.I enjoy giving, but receiving is also nice.

Men are at a disadvantage in the court system. Men rarely get custody of the kids even if they are a more fit parent. Men are assumed to be the guilty ones in relationships no matter what the situation is. Men are assumed to be walking ATMS when they are dating. Many girlfriends assumed I would pay for everything, and take them shopping. Even with girlfriends that didn’t like to shop, it was assumed that I would pay for everything. If you don’t pay for everything you aren’t a “gentleman” and they don’t see you as a provider.

Men are assumed to be responsible for buying a home, having a car, and having a healthy financial picture. Women are not expected to have the same.

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When we judge women on their appearance, and men on their financial well-being we ignore everything else about who they are. Let’s not stereotype each other.