If you don’t update you will get hacked

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Updating is annoying, but being hacked is worse.

Lately, the Brave browser that I use is often asking to update. It is annoying, but I do it because I want to stay safe. I appreciate that they are trying to keep us safe on the internet.

editing comic
editing comic

Yes, I know that with the OS updating, browser updating, and all the other updates that we do online it seems that we have to do other companies work for them. However at the moment, this is the best we can do with security, and it will improve in the future.

Applications are getting better at self-updating and eventually, things will be able to update without restarting them. Right now there is work being done to update things without restarting, and over time we have updated less than we used to. We are making progress to make using the computer easier.

Probably in 5 years updating will be a thing of the past. I can’t wait.

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