We need to appreciate women more

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Why do I say this? For lots of reasons, but mostly because we take women for granted sometimes and don’t realize how our lives are better because of them.

I am watching a Youtube Video called Ana’s Bushcraft and it shows an amazing woman who has a lot of skills. She is a farmer, rancher, builder, trader, cook, ecologist, pet companion, forest ranger, and more. Her skills for her environment are remarkable.

Just as remarkable however are women who have gone to college and gotten skills needed in this information economy. No less important are women who can digest information, conduct research, write papers, edit, follow through on complex plans and help others grow and develop. I really admire educated, intelligent women not because they have accomplished something, but because they make the effort to care for others and show their care in their work.

It would be the easiest thing for women to just sit back and be taken care of by men. If I was a woman I might be tempted to do that. However, what do we see in the world? We see women who struggle with families and work, school and work, and everything else that society requires of them. We still pay women less for equal work, and we still treat women as second-class citizens. Why?

Why should we disincentivize women when they have so much to offer? Anthropologists believe that farming helped create civilization and that was something that most women did. We owe our development to women! We not only are born by them but live and exist because of the hard work our ancestors have done. How strange that we throw that progress away with our ignorance.

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If you have a woman in your life you need to thank them today for the gift of love they have given to you. What a wonderful world we have because of the hard work of people who have been abused by men.