How long do we treat women as unequal?

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How long do we treat women as unequal?

Why do we listen to people in society that say that women should have less rights than men? According to polls fewer people than ever believe in religion. It can’t be the religious argument. I think women are treated as second class citizens because women haven’t been able to form solidarity due to feeling the need to “fight for what is theirs.”

It makes sense that the people in power always want to destabilize and distract people from focusing on the root of the problem. The root of the problem in inequality has to do with income and wealth, and since men still control most of the wealth they don’t want women to be able to access it. As of 2022 only 15% of ultra high net worth people were women.

It makes no sense. Science has shown us that companies that have more women in charge do better. Science also shows that women tend to help companies retain staff longer and have a host of other benefits. Why would we block women from helping companies in so many ways? I can only think because the males in charge feel that women are a threat to them, which indeed they are.

The smartest person I ever meet was a woman who I was just amazed with. I admired her intelligence and became friends with her. She and I were different religions and I didn’t think she was openminded about that, so we just stayed friends. I learned so many things from her. I wish we had been friends longer in life. I miss her unique perspective and thoughtful conversations we used to have. She seemed to be surprised and pleased what I would say in our conversations. If anyone says they haven’t meet a woman smarter than them, I would call them a liar. There are plenty of smart women but women tend to have smaller egos than men so it was their own fault they didn’t recognize it.

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Earlier I shared that 3 of my mentors in life were women and they helped me to gain some wisdom and perspective that I sorely needed. Womens value is not in just what they know, but who they are. Just I am not just worth something because of what I know, but who I am. We need to stop looking at people as products and commodities and instead try to appreciate the wholistic aspect of what someone is.

Women have not only earned the right to be treated as men, but if reincarnation is real karma is a b*ch.