We live more in fantasy than reality


It always surprises me that people think they live in reality when it’s 99% fantasy.

I can hear the arguments already. What are you talking about? I have chosen my beliefs, and I only act in rational and logical ways. I am nothing like other people who are driven by emotional things.

Ok, calm down let’s take this step by step. First, according to studies and science, our brains seem to be divided into two camps. Those who need authoritarian figures and those who don’t. 

This means that there is a fundamental difference between us biologically that is as real and deep and might be the reason why we have gone to war in the past. For some of us, other people don’t seem to be in their “right mind”. Who is to say who is right, I know I will err on the side of compassion.

Secondly, we have absorbed the culture of where we were born and rarely question it. Even if you do think about your beliefs, you can not possibly understand the ramifications of all of the unconscious things that you have absorbed. Even now I still am surprised daily by things that I absorbed but didn’t realize. You need therapy and time to separate yourself from the S that well-meaning people taught you.

Third, even if we did the above we still have our emotions to deal with. Our emotions put us often in a fearful state and that doesn’t help us either. We distort reality further by seeing it through a tiny lens of our own survival. Rarely do we step outside of our own POV to consider the larger picture. Rarely do we open up ourselves to the universe and ask for greater insight and wisdom.

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We live our lives as though just our life matters and that is the ultimate lie we tell ourselves. Our lives aren’t just for us, but to help humanity and once we connect with helping others, our need to see the world a certain way is reduced and we can more easily appreciate the POV of others. The most selfish people never want to see others experience in life, and for that, their lives are limited and sad.