Stopping responding to recruiters who don’t look at my LinkedIn Profile

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I had to stop responding to recruiters who didn’t look at my LinkedIn Profile. It was too overwhelming.

This is not to brag but rather to state that recruiters seem to be less inclined to read your LinkedIn profile in the past few years. Almost 99% of the recruiters who contact me haven’t read my profile and is wildly inappropriate.

I understand that recruiters don’t understand the technology and that names and concepts can be confusing to them. I am talking about basic errors where I get contacted about things that I have never talked about nor listed on my profile. I have had regular recruiters who ask me about being a personal assistant, a database administrator, or some other crazy things that I don’t list. All that does is make me disinclined to work with them if they did find a position that fit me.

The problem with this approach recruiters is as you well know, you only have one chance to make a first impression. If you squander that then you are done. I stopped working with recruiting companies who didn’t keep their promises and stood me up for interviews. If someone is going to disrespect your time before they know you, they will disrespect it after they know you.

For example, I had a recruiting company I told in no uncertain terms never to contact me again based on standing me up for an interview. They reached out to me a month ago after years, and the job was perfect for me. However I didn’t contact them, and I will never contact them. I meant what I said. If you disrespect people in the hiring process, they will remember it.

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I will not allow people to waste my time who obviously don’t value it. If recruiters spend more time identifying a good fit and treating them well, they would have more business than they could handle.