Recruiters don’t seem to understand what fully remote means

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Recruiters don’t seem to understand what fully remote means. Often I have recruiters contacting me for a job that they say is fully remote. Then they also say that it requires coming into the office occasionally. That isn’t remote!

One recruiter said that the job was remote and that the person would only need to come into the office for an emergency. I asked what constitutes an emergency and she returned saying that the person should be in the office 1 day per week. How is that remote or an emergency?

Another recruiter said the job was fully WFH except for the first two weeks when I would need to fly to the HQ in a midwestern state and do the training there. I said I could efficiently train remotely and she said that they weren’t open to that possibility.

Of course, there was the recruiter that said the job was remote and I wouldn’t need to come into the office. Great. Except that there was this traveling part where I would need to visit their clients that wasn’t listed in the job listening and did I have a problem with that? Yes, I do. If someone doesn’t want to commute to an office, how likely are they going to want to drive around to clients?

I can’t forget the recruiter who said that I could fully work from home with this position. Great. Except they sometimes get short-staffed and might require me to come into the office. Nope.

I worked in offices and I commuted for hours for jobs in the past. I wasn’t treated better for spending my time/money to get to the job site, that was just expected. Every time I commute I have figured out that I am spending $10-20k per year on associated expenses. Wear and tear on the car, more repairs, gas, clothes, food, etc. It just doesn’t make sense. More importantly, I am exposing myself to Covid that for me is more of a threat to my health. I just don’t value money more than living. Do you?

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