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Addicted to avoiding reality

It just dawned on me that as humans were are often addicted to avoiding reality.

For example, when people talk politics it is almost impossible for someone to acknowledge that the other side might be right about some issues. Or it is “us against them” mentality. People defend their beliefs and then later change them and think that is normal.

I think this is the reason that we do things like watch marathon sessions of tv or do things that are addicting. We want to avoid what we consider unpleasant and for many people reality is unpleasant.

As people we are so limited in our thinking and knowledge. We think the world has to conform to our values and when it doesn’t, then people are bad and wrong. Maybe it is our thinking that is bad and wrong. Maybe people can exist without our need to constantly judge and try to make others have the same values that we have.

I understand why people feel that they want to share something that they believe in and find value. Churches look to grow because what gives them joy they think all people should experience. I know that when I used to belong to a certain faith I thought that was correct, but now I see that everyone has their own path. I don’t know what is true or right, but I want to be kind and allow everyone to find what makes them happy.

I think we all agree that as long as people don’t hurt others they are free to do whatever they want. The downside of this is that sometimes people do hurt others. Still, we take the pros with the cons.

As you become more mature you see that you don’t have to condemn or convert others. Others are perfect just as they are.

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