Watching legal programs like Tribunal Justice helps protect you

illegal questions comic

I never was taught anything about the law growing up. I had to learn on my own. I used to watch the original Peoples Court and loved it. Now I am watching Judy Justice and Tribunal Justice and learning more ways to protect myself.

Why am I sharing this? It seems like scammers are becoming more bold and creative in cheating people. I see this in computer security which I help with, and with life in general. For example, I recently got a package from Amazon that I didn’t order and didn’t know. It is called “brushing” and it can be a way for scammers to test if personal information is good or for other reasons as well. I reported it to Amazon and threw away the useless trinket.

illegal questions comic
illegal questions comic

The package came via a service called UniUni which I had never heard before. It is a legitimate service that sends cheap junk from China to the US. I would never buy the junk or support China because of their human rights abuses. I knew immediately it was a scam and took all the steps that I could to fix it. Uniuni wasn’t very helpful. I called them because their webpage didn’t give any meaningful details. Amazon couldn’t verify the sender even though they said they were in their system. So what does it mean to be in the system and not verified? I don’t know, but it didn’t sound like Amazon knew what to do or cared much. The rep I spoke with had to speak with their supervisor to find out what to do.

I also get lots of scammy text messages and calls from people who don’t identify themselves or just hang up. I don’t respond to that and block them. You should be suspicious of people who don’t have an identification. I treat text messages as 100% scams. I don’t respond to any of them. Even ten years ago I would get random Mandrain-speaking people calling the business that I worked at. I got the company number put on the do not call list, and so that stopped that waste of time.

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Watching these shows has been very educational about how people can cheat you and how to protect yourself. There is an old saying. “It is as difficult for good people to consider people doing something bad, as it is for bad people to consider doing something good.” I think we have to be aware of what other people are capable of doing both bad/good, and protect ourselves. One of the people in court said “She had a big heart” and that’s why she gave a guy money that had no intention of paying her back. The guy looked like a jerk and I hope that he changed because of that exposure. She was equally wrong for enabling someone to be bad by giving a guy with multiple red flags money.

If good people don’t help criminals by giving them money, we can put criminals out of business. Let’s be smarter people unless you want to be homeless and encourage that kind of anti-social behavior.