Include people in decisions that affect them

companies decisions comic

It is frustrating to have a decision made; it affects you, and you have a right to be part of that decision.

For example, I had a girlfriend who lived with me once and she brought a puppy home. When I asked her about it she said she thought I wouldn’t mind. I told her that I should have been consulted before she got a puppy and while I love dogs, this is a big step that needs to be discussed. Ultimately that relationship didn’t work out.

Now at work, the rule is that you don’t get to be part of the decisions. That is fair since you don’t know the decision’s details and purpose. However where it is unfair is when you are a subject matter expert, and people make decisions that require your subject matter expertness. Then it is understandable to be frustrated because that is the value that you bring to the organization.

companies decisions comic
companies decisions comic

I see this all the time as a consultant and full-time employee. Companies hire bright people and then ignore their suggestions. It frankly is baffling. Then they make decisions that cost the company huge amounts of lost time, resources, and money. For example, many companies hire consultants when it is clear that they just need to hire full-time people. They say it is to “save money” but it doesn’t. It takes time to get people up to speed and more time to establish a workflow to take advantage of the new resource. What I have seen as a consultant is that companies would be ahead even hiring “bad” people who could contribute to the work.

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For example, I once worked at a company that didn’t hire enough people as a consultant. They wanted to do impossible things that they didn’t have enough time to do. So they stressed out their people, their people got sick and then started leaving the company due to stress and overwork. How does that possibility save money? I understand companies want to save money on labor, but almost every company I have experienced has not had enough workers. This directly leads to a problem with morale and productivity and costs the company far more than just hiring more workers. Why are people penny-wise and pound-foolish?

People want transparency, purpose, and a reasonable work-life balance. I think we can do this right people?