Watching Judy Judy will improve your Emotional Intelligence

Judge Judy Image

Watching Judy Judy has improved my emotional intelligence.

Why can I say this? I have watched more episodes than are probably helpful, and I noticed that with time I started to understand why she didn’t believe people and the signs of people who are being deceptive. For some of you, this may be easy to detect. However, it can be a challenge for people like me who tend to want to believe people.

One of my friends told me he had a problem in his life being too trusting of what people told him. I told him that I started to be skeptical of what authorities said when I found out about the Santa incident. I am both skeptical and trusting. I believe you should verify everything, but some things you can’t verify. I believe that most people are being honest with their feelings when they express them, and when they aren’t being honest, then I no longer trust them. My generation wants to trust people but you need to earn it. You have to show that you are trustworthy. Other generations believe that you deserve to be trusted just because you are in authority. That is authoritarian and dictatorship thinking in my opinion. If someone is worth trusting, then let’s see evidence of that.

Judge Judy Image
judge judy image

Let’s talk about an example. Yesterday in watching the video Judge Judy started to prove that the person was lying to her. It is just silly that someone thinks they are going to fool a judge who has 40 years of experience doing something. I realized with their first lie what Judy Judy was going to rule on the case. It is also hard to explain but some people come across as credible instantly. It isn’t the attitude or dress either. You get a sense of who the person is by how they talk, their self-control, and their general demeanor. It may sound elitist, but I believe that some people are just unable to understand what class means.

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For example, in most of these cases, 99% of both parties are scammers. Rarely is one party the sole person who was a victim. Yet they come on national TV, lie, talk trash about their friends, and family, and reveal details that make their lives unsafe. One person said that she had cash in a safe at home. Great. Now all her local thieves know where they can get some easy cash. To me, people with class are people who don’t hurt others just because they have been hurt.

Now I know that class is often defined as table manners, or respecting others by how you act. You show respect to others by how you act, and by not hurting their feelings and their lives. Don’t get things mixed up. You can’t work for the devil, and then donate $25 a month and think you are helping the world. You aren’t. If what you do hurts others, then you are a drain to society full stop.

Now returning to improving your emotional intelligence. Watch the episode. Pay attention closely to why she asks certain questions. She tries to reconstruct the event with a believable set of events. She uses her own life experiences, court cases, and the law to find the truth. She asks people direct questions and doesn’t allow them to not answer a question. Credible people answer direct questions. Credible people have consistent stories. Credible people don’t mind being patient in the process. So many signs when someone is credible once you know where to look.

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The truth is sometimes slow, but it is always verifiable.