Trading spending money on Strike Force for furniture

money loss comic

Well, this day had to come to pass sooner or later. This month I will spend more on furniture than Strike Force.

I just bought a well-reviewed couch and projector. That completes my initial purchases for the new apartment. I might buy a chair from the same company that made the couch, but I have to test and love the couch first. I will share details on all of these items once I have a chance to test them. I have done lots of research and for me, they seem like the best value and features.

money loss comic
money loss comic

It is more than I initially wanted to spend. I was hoping to get a sleeper sofa under $1000 but reviews were just so negative. I don’t want to buy junk, so I adjusted and the one I chose was about $1300. The projector was more than I wanted to spend. I wanted to keep it under $1000 but again the reviews made it seem worth it.

To get this, I went a little above the size I wanted on the projector screen. I had to do that to get the ALR higher-quality screen I wanted. There was even a higher quality option, but I am a simple man and don’t need the highest quality. I am usually happy with the low to medium quality when I buy things. I considered an earlier article I wrote about not spending enough money.

This isn’t to brag. If anything it just shows that I am trying to keep relevant by learning technology that is used in my job. Part of what I do is help companies be efficient, so the day might have arrived when projectors/screens are a better choice than monitors. I will test this theory and let you know.

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