Leave things better than you found them

better way comic

As part of my application process for the new apartment, one of the questions was “What makes you a good renter.” I answered because I leave things better than I found them.

It is fun to find ways to make things better in life. It makes you feel good that you are at least mitigating the harm you are doing, and doing small things to make things better for others. For example, in past apartments, I have bought furniture in furnished places and left it there that was needed. I bought fire extinguishers and left them there. What an amazing thing for my Karma if one day one of those fire extinguishers helped in a difficult situation.

better way comic
better way comic

I am not sharing this to praise me but to give you an example of low-cost ways that you can improve the lives of others. Since I got the solar panel and solar generator I have used them to reduce my energy use. At the very least it has saved money because it can recharge during the night when the power is cheaper, and then give that power out during the day. It has paid for itself and I feel good about buying it. I won’t be leaving it however since it cost about $1500 and it still has many years of life left.

Mother Theresa said we can do no great things, just small things with great love. I try to do small things with great love. It may not mean much in the grand scheme of things, but it means a lot to the person who receives it. We should not judge our lives by fixing humanity, but by fixing ourselves and those around us whom we can help.

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Look for ways to leave things better than you found them, and you will find a happiness you can not imagine.